For conventions mastered to perfection!

AppCraft simplifies the management of your congress from A to Z, from participant and exhibitor registration to cost optimization and ROI calculation. Let us shape a conference in your image and facilitate meetings, for an optimal user experience!

Organize a ...

Optimize your conferences with AppCraft, an agile solution

Whatever the format of your event – physical, digital or hybrid – and whatever your needs: cross-industry meetings, in-house trade fairs, training sessions on new products, etc., we can adapt and support you for a successful B2B event!

Customization and flexibility, create a made-to-measure event

The white-label platform can be adapted to your context, and can be customized in terms of the information communicated to your participants, depending on whether they are remote or face-to-face.

A wide range of monetization options and possibilities, for optimum ROI

The right business model to make your event profitable. Exhibitors will be able to access their statistics in real time, and statistics for the entire event will be accessible directly from the back-office.

Optimized B2B matchmaking

Thanks to our intelligent matchmaking algorithm, create relevant meetings between participants and exhibitors and guarantee qualified leads. Among other things, your attendees can access exhibitor files and their agenda in advance.

Benefit from a high-performance web platform

Before the event, take advantage of :

  • personalized listings by profile ;
  • filtered searches on exhibitors ;
  • the list of workshops with registration gauges ;
  • a diary for simple and efficient appointment scheduling;
  • intuitive, easy-to-use exhibitor access.

On the day of the show, a mobile application is available for participants to consult the agenda, the floor plan, their notes and all exhibitor information.

Advanced check-in

With individual badges for each category of attendees, and easy sign-in, AppCraft Events offers you the right solution to ensure the success of your next convention.

Digital sign-up limits the use of paper and is more eco-responsible.

A Leadgen application optimized for ROI

Exhibitors will be able to access an application that allows them to scan visitors to their stand, and will also be able to rate and comment on the lead in real time (pre-qualification of leads from 1 to 5).

A complete statistics table

Access complete statistics from the back-office (excel export possible), for a better understanding of your participants, a contact database of qualified leads for exhibitors and an easier calculation of your event’s ROI!


Customer cases

An event platform that adapts to all your events

Salon RH

Plan, organize and manage your HR events easily with our turnkey solutions.

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Séminaires & conventions

Offer your participants a seminar application and benefit from complete management of your event.

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Salons fournisseurs

Boost your professional collaborations, monetize your event and much more!

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A complete ecosystem of excellence!

The pleasure of a meticulous customer experience

Whatever your size or sector of activity, we can help you organize all your conventions!

  • Because organizing an event is stressful, we offer you seasoned and zen project managers.
  • To give you peace of mind, you have dedicated project managers at your disposal.
  • We want your Customer Experience to be a pleasure:
    • The pleasure of USING our solutions.
    • The pleasure of WORKING together.

Choose a partner committed to CSR

  • The possibility of integrating hybrid and digital technologies to broaden your audience and reduce your carbon footprint, while giving participants the freedom to travel or not.
  • Measure the impact of your show with our carbon impact calculator.
  • With hybrid and digital elements, you can expand your audience and reduce your carbon footprint, while giving participants the freedom to travel or not.

1st French Event Tech company to receive ISO 20121 certification

  • We are developing responsible solutions, such as reducing the quantity and complexity of our program code, reduction, support for paperless events, as well as new eco-responsible modules and functionalities.
  • Before your event, simulate your impact for free with our
    free online CO² simulator

And in general: we’re here to help you align your CSR objectives with the organization of high-impact corporate events!

Your conference needs strong commitments in terms of security (ISO 27001) & RGPD

  • Data protected by French and European legislation.
  • Developers and servers located in France.
  • Regular security audits and strict RGPD.
  • Secure connection to your directories with SSO single sign-on or individual login and password technology.

1st Event Tech company in France to receive ISO 27001 certification