The power of business meetings: supplier trade fairs for qualified leads and concrete sales!

Are you looking for a complete and efficient solution to organize your supplier trade shows and maximize their success? Look no further! Our event platform offers advanced features to transform your supplier show into a powerful experience, while generating qualified leads.

Organize a ...

Boost your supplier trade shows

Organizing supplier trade shows made easy with AppCraft Events.

Gain freedom and flexibility by empowering your participants

Attendees will have direct access to exhibitors' schedules and information, optimizing their business opportunities. By creating a personalized and engaging experience, our solution encourages quality interactions and fruitful partnerships.

Simplify the organization of your trade fair considerably

Save precious time with an all-in-one platform that lets you efficiently manage everything from scheduling to registration tracking. Focus only on what's essential: providing your participants with an exceptional experience.

Offer your participants a white-label immersive experience

Customize your interface to match your corporate identity and reinforce your brand image. Offer your participants and exhibitors a professional and coherent environment, reinforcing your credibility and market positioning.

Strengthen your network and grow your business

Showcase your suppliers in a dedicated exhibitor area

Suppliers have exclusive access to their exhibitor area, where they can easily enter their information, showcase their products and fill in their supplier details. This allows them to present their business in detail to potential buyers.

Fast, convenient check-in for easy entry

We offer a check-in process for participants, facilitating their access to the event and guaranteeing smooth, efficient management of their attendance.

Access all essential information via our mobile application or Progressive Web App (PWA)

Thanks to our mobile application or PWA, participants have access to all the essential information about the show, such as the floor plan, the list of suppliers and how to book appointments. This allows them to prepare their visit in advance and optimize their experience at the event.

7° Explore a variety of topics in our parallel sessions

We offer the possibility of organizing parallel sessions, such as workshops, to diversify the content of the event and provide an enriching experience for participants. This allows us to address different topics in depth, and to meet the specific needs of each profile.

Save time and optimize planning with appointment management

Buyers can make appointments with suppliers directly via our platform. This makes it easier to plan meetings and optimize their time at the event.

Generate qualified leads with our mobile application

Our mobile application and PWA offer lead generation functionality for suppliers. They can scan the badges of interested buyers to collect their contact information, or vice versa. This simplifies the post-event follow-up process and encourages the creation of new business opportunities.

Bring together key players for unparalleled business opportunities.

Get detailed statistics to optimize your show: overview of interested participants, real-time tracking of show progress and analysis of results achieved.

Animate your community and engage participants with interactive features

Encourage community involvement and create a lively, dynamic atmosphere at the show by, for example, voting for the best stand or electing the favorite exhibitor.


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The ultimate event experience:
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A complete ecosystem of excellence!

Whether you're an events expert or not, we've got a team to support you.

We can help you organize optimized supplier trade shows!

  • Upstream support for event monetization, registration and matchmaking.
  • The provision of a check-in and lead capture app during the event.
  • A complete dashboard to measure your ROI during and after the event, including the possibility for exhibitors to retrieve information on scanned visitors.

Choose a partner committed to CSR

  • The possibility of integrating hybrid and digital technologies to broaden your audience and reduce your carbon footprint, while giving participants the freedom to travel or not.
  • Measure the impact of your show with our carbon impact calculator.
  • With hybrid and digital elements, you can expand your audience and reduce your carbon footprint, while giving participants the freedom to travel or not.

1st French Event Tech company to receive ISO 20121 certification

  • We are developing responsible solutions, such as reducing the quantity and complexity of our program code, reduction, support for paperless events, as well as new eco-responsible modules and functionalities.
  • Before your event, simulate your impact for free with our free online CO² simulator.

And in general: we’re here to help you align your CSR objectives with the organization of high-impact corporate events!

Your company needs strong commitments in terms of security (ISO 27001) & RGPD

  • Data protected by French and European legislation.
  • Developers and servers located in France.
  • Regular security audits and strict RGPD.
  • Secure connection to your directories with SSO single sign-on or individual login and password technology.

1st Event Tech company in France to receive ISO 27001 certification