5 tips for making a must-have mobile app!

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  • 5 tips for making a must-have mobile app!

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  • 1. Add exclusive content to your application
  • 2. Offer your participants a personalized experience
  • 3. Create a design in your event’s colors
  • 4. Encourage interactivity and guest participation
  • 5. Connect your participants

Add exclusive content to your application

Your mobile application is the most attractive medium for your participants, so you need to make sure you keep it up and running as much as possible to encourage them to consult it more often.

A good way to motivate your participants and get them hooked on the app is to add exclusive content. This content can range from the simple announcement of a surprise speaker to premium features like plenary voting, for example!

Word of mouth and the group effect will then do the work for you, with every guest connected to the app becoming a true ambassador for the app to his or her table or meeting neighbor.

Offer your participants a personalized experience

Present before, during and after your event, the mobile application is your participants’ compass: they’ll find practical information, the list of participants, the event schedule, the activities… It’s therefore essential that it’s addressed individually to each of them.

Whatever your event, it’s important to personalize the use of your application to make a lasting impression. Users must be able to save favorites, take notes that can be sent to themselves after the event, save contacts…

Customize the information made available, file sharing and even each participant’s agenda to offer a unique experience to your participants.

Create a design in your event's colors

Each event has its own universe. It may be more or less elaborate, but it’s nonetheless essential to convince your participants to take part.

A mobile application is an opportunity to develop your world in the hands of your participants. It’s essential to have an application that’s consistent with this universe. Your participants need to be able to recognize the codes of your décor and the other communications elements you’ve deployed; this will make for smooth, pleasant navigation, while at the same time tying your participants to your application.

It will be a great tool for maintaining the community created by your event, right up to the next edition! It then allows you and your partners to communicate your latest news on a recurring basis, in order to leave a lasting impression on your users.

Encourage interactivity and participation from your guests

Engaging all your participants during your event is a real challenge.

Whether you have 50, 500 or 2,000 participants, the mobile app is there to bring your guests together and enable them to participate fully in your event.

They’ll be able to ask questions during a conference, vote in various polls, take part in quizzes, challenges and interactive games… all through your event’s mobile app!

Organize a dynamic, fun and innovative event that engages your participants and gives them a digital voice!

Connect your participants

Finally, just like interactivity, the mobile application can enable direct exchange between your participants. By enabling instant discussion between participants or by group directly from the application, you’ll achieve an innovative “icebreaker” effect!

For optimal use, instant messaging can also be coupled with other networking modules, making it even easier to use. For example, the AppCraft solution deploys a matchmaking module that automatically connects your participants according to their position, passions, etc. They can then decide to meet during the event via instant messaging, etc. Or not!

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