Simulate the carbon impact of your future event

How can you evaluate the carbon footprint of an event accurately, free of charge and quickly, so as to win your tenders?

Our 100% online carbon simulator is there to answer these crucial questions.

This simulator is
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Our solution

we’ve come up with an innovative solution that’s easier than a CO² calculator to prepare for your event.

In a record time of
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get a free carbon simulation. When you go out to tender, this report strengthens your credibility, demonstrating your commitment to the environment.

But our tool doesn’t stop at assessment: it looks at each source of emissions (transport, catering, hotels, digital) and suggests ways to
raise your awareness
to reduce your carbon footprint.

Would you like to present your carbon simulation? AppCraft lets you
download or print a detailed report
ideal for presentations and meetings.

you have a complete solution for committed and responsible events.

How does it work?

Key benefits of the carbon simulator

Reliable figures in tenders

Gain credibility by presenting reliable figures in your invitations to tender.

Reduce the carbon impact of your events

A less carbon-intensive event is a giant step forward for the planet and a clear advantage for your brand.

Set yourself apart with Sustainability

Stand out from the competition by showing that you take climate issues seriously

Would you like to find out more about our carbon solution?

Identify the main sources of your emissions

Discover the main sources of greenhouse gas emissions from your events. Our carbon simulator analyzes your answers to highlight the areas where you can make the biggest difference in reducing their carbon footprints.

Thanks to our advanced simulator, each emission detected is converted into a targeted strategy, guiding you towards the most impactful interventions for a considerably reduced carbon footprint.

Get personalized advice to reduce your carbon footprint

After calculating the carbon footprint of your event, our tool provides you with tailor-made advice on how to reduce emissions. You’ll have access to concrete actions to reduce your impact on the environment. Every little bit counts, and our simulator can help you do just that.

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