Measure the success of your event & say goodbye to the inconvenience of paper registration.

Streamline arrivals and improve overall efficiency. Track attendance, control access and ensure a smooth check-in experience for everyone. Replace unnecessary paper listings. Enjoy the convenience and benefits of our digital check-in solution and impress your customers with a digital approach to visitor management.

Simplify your event with our check-in and badge management solution!

Digital for business opportunities

Streamline access to your event

Use a QR code to avoid forgetting your accreditation. Track arrivals and welcome guests; create personalized badges with your brand; use different colors for different categories of attendees and register participants on the fly.

Get to know your participants better

With data on which sessions worked best, or which activities were carried out during the event, you can better understand your participants and improve the experience!

Evaluate the success of your sessions

With full access to statistics, you can be kept informed of the number of participants at your event, for example;
of the most visited workshops;
of the most successful speakers...

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Master the art of physical events with our dedicated modules

Digital check-in

Simply scan your badge to access the event, and sign in digitally using a customizable QR Code that works offline.

badge

100% customizable with our modern, intuitive badge editor, in just a few clicks.
Assign colors according to participant category
Available directly on the application for an environmentally-friendly version.

Personalize your event, right down to the QR code, with branding that reflects your brand.
Benefit from reports and analyses of all recordings, and easily track session attendance.


To improve your return on investment, we enable exhibitors to scan their attendees’ badges and add them to their lists of qualified contacts. In particular, exhibitors will be able to evaluate and provide feedback on leads in real time. A complete dashboard to measure your ROI at the end of the event and the ability for the exhibitor to retrieve the information of the scanned people…;


Who came? Which sessions attracted the most visitors? Who’s missing? You’ll have all your KPIs in real time! Access comprehensive statistics to measure the success of your event!


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Centralisez la gestion de vos événements, de l'inscription aux détails, pour une expérience optimale des participants avec des outils de marketing événementiel personnalisables.

Notre plateforme couvre tous les aspects de votre événement d'entreprise, de l'inscription des participants à la gestion des imprévus, en passant par la réservation d'hôtels et l'affectation de chambres partagées.

Révolutionnez vos arrivées avec notre solution de check-in digital, simplifiez la gestion des visiteurs, et laissez une impression mémorable sur vos clients. Dites adieu aux listes papier et découvrez l'efficacité et la modernité.

Optimisez vos événements avec notre application mobile tout-en-un, facile à personnaliser, centralisant toutes les informations, pour un gain de temps précieux.

Renforcez votre crédibilité environnementale avec notre simulateur carbone gratuit lors de vos appels d'offres. Notre outil va au-delà de l'évaluation en détaillant les sources d'émissions et en vous offrant des solutions pour réduire votre empreinte carbone.

Facilitez les interactions entre participants, optimisez les rencontres avec les exposants, et débloquez des opportunités exceptionnelles pour des relations fructueuses qui propulsent votre succès.

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AppCraft Events offers you pleasant, efficient customer service

Thanks to its experienced team of project managers, familiar with the challenges of event management.

During your event, a project manager can accompany you on site or remotely to train your hosts and hostesses.

Our aim is to make your customer experience a pleasant one, by using our solutions and working together.

Respect for the ecological transition: a priority

Protect the planet by using only custom-made modules.
Discover our integrated carbon impact calculator.

We are the 1st Event Tech company in France to be ISO 20121 certified

Event security :
our top priority

Your event deserves a standing ovation, not a cyber attack!

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