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Gamification is like that famous secret ingredient in a cooking recipe, the best ingredient for attracting, engaging and, above all, retaining an audience. Captivating your audience is no easy task. To stand out from the crowd and keep up with the competition, nothing beats fun.

However, there are a few questions to ask before diving into the actual organization.

An immersive experience for a specific purpose

First of all, what do you want to achieve by integrating gamification into your events ?

Depending on your objective, you can determine the appropriate format for your event.

Four types of experience are available:

  • Competition: encouraging participants’ performance through competition

Example: in a company, put several departments in competition with the aim of improving performance in terms of sales, with a significant and motivating gift at the end, such as a gift voucher, a trip…

  • Role-playing: enable players to surpass themselves, be more productive, measure their performance and understand their progress.

Example: propose a game with questions testing the player’s knowledge of a brand.

By reaching certain levels, the player earns points and is rewarded with a discount voucher, a branded product…

  • Cooperation: enable participants to interact, share tips with each other, discuss a product, etc.

Example: take part in product tests, which are rewarded with money or gift vouchers, giving you the opportunity to exchange ideas with other participants and discover new products.

  • Storytelling: creating emotion

Example: encourage the participant to promote a brand following the purchase of a product and show their attachment to it by rewarding them with a discount on a future purchase, for example.

Some examples of existing games:

A quiz to optimize learning, a competition to reward the participant, earn points via a levelling system, improve the customer experience on your website, for example, using immersion mechanics.

From gamification to loyalty

What do you expect in terms of feedback?

Beyond being captivating, gamification must fulfill one or more precise objectives, depending on your issues and needs.

This can range from developing your employees’ skills to training teams, fostering team spirit, improving your employer brand or recruiting young talent…

How do you integrate gamification into your training courses?

Game-based learning captures the attention of participants, who become players in the training.

There are a few steps to follow:

  1. Telling a story: storytelling is the foundation on which learners can immerse themselves fully and identify with the characters or actions to be carried out as part of the training.
  2. Stimulate interest: it’s essential to pace the course so as to keep the learner’s attention throughout. The best way to do this is to remobilize all participants by analyzing their results.
  3. Get feedback: provide on-the-spot feedback (via a quiz, for example) to assess the impact of the gamification of your training and determine the extent to which the training and its content have been integrated by participants.

There are, however, key indicators for measuring theimpact of gamifying your games, such as :

  • conversion rate, reduce no-shows
  • improve the use of content and replays
  • growing user numbers and audiences
  • improved employee performance

Performance indicators are defined according to the gamification mechanics used.

The key word: communicate, communicate and always communicate!

When we organize an event, it’s for a specific purpose. So it’s important to communicate at every stage – before, during and after.

Beforehand, by creating a teaser explaining the rules of the game, how to enter and the prizes to be won via a website, a dedicated platform such as AppCraft or Arkham Studio, social networks and print documents.

In fact, clear, fluid communication with participants prior to the event will help establish a climate of trust and contribute strategically to successful gamification!

During, by sharing highlights, promoting players’ actions and congratulating them via lives, for example.

Afterwards, by communicating the names of the winners, the prizes won, the best scores achieved in an article, a video, photos, all formats are possible!

Gamification is the perfect lever for internal corporate communication. Some of the most serious subjects can be tackled in a playful way.

However, this practice requires the support of team members for effective implementation.

Let’s take the example of CSR, an important topic for AppCraft Events, and what better way to tackle it than with a workshop involving a few members of the team. A workshop in the form of a game involving discussion and reflection on the actions that can be taken by each team member on a daily basis to meet the climate challenges we face today.

Integrating gaming into your events is a real opportunity to federate your existing community and expand it.

By collecting data from your participants, you can personalize your messages following your event.

Personalizing your commercial relationship will keep your audience coming back spontaneously and interacting with your company.

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