Improve participant engagement with gamification

Boost participation in your event with competitions and rewards.
By measuring the interactivity of your participants at your event, you can reward them with trophies and badges.
Either individually or in teams, participation becomes fun and emulation is stronger.

Solution événementielle de gamification

With play, your event becomes different

Gamification creates an environment conducive to exchange and connection.

Engage your audience

Individually or in teams, create simple, fun challenges to earn rewards.

Putting people at the heart of your event

Unite your participants with playful interaction and reinforce team spirit.

Data that makes all the difference

Use progress gauges to maintain commitment and react live to good performance.

Create your own event gamiiication scenario

There are many ways for your participants to earn points:

  • Take a quiz
  • Preview a document
  • Scan a QR code
  • Watch a video
  • Participate in a workshop
  • Make an appointment with an exhibitor
  • and many more …

We’re here to work with you to create the best possible event game.

Discover some interactive modules to activate trophies

With the Mobile Application, all our interactivity modules can be used for physical, digital or hybrid events.

The classic word cloud

Participants type in a word during live sessions and the formatting is done in 1 click with ideas from your community and a dynamic display of the words formed in real time.

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Chat to awaken your community

Let your participants chat with each other, share files directly in the chat room, or make appointments with each other.

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Social Wall for unforgettable memories

Participants post photos or text before, during or even after the event. You can also broadcast the social wall on a large screen during your event, or moderate the content and upload all the photos in 1 click from the back office.

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Decide quickly with surveys

Pre-event; during the event, in real time or post-event, with open questions, participant questions and votes, etc.

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Measure with quizzes or feedback

Hot on the heels of the workshop or at the end of the event, in the form of a satisfaction questionnaire. By integrating these tools into your strategy, you can not only enrich the attendee experience, but also gather key data to improve your future events.
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Playful engagement: boost interaction with gamification

With our experience in games – over 200 million downloads – we offer you top-level expertise and a playful use of your event’s digital devices. Leaderboards, trophies, rewards… increase participant engagement by creating friendly competition and providing incentives to achieve specific goals.

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Centralisez la gestion de vos événements, de l'inscription aux détails, pour une expérience optimale des participants avec des outils de marketing événementiel personnalisables.

Notre plateforme couvre tous les aspects de votre événement d'entreprise, de l'inscription des participants à la gestion des imprévus, en passant par la réservation d'hôtels et l'affectation de chambres partagées.

Révolutionnez vos arrivées avec notre solution de check-in digital, simplifiez la gestion des visiteurs, et laissez une impression mémorable sur vos clients. Dites adieu aux listes papier et découvrez l'efficacité et la modernité.

Optimisez vos événements avec notre application mobile tout-en-un, facile à personnaliser, centralisant toutes les informations, pour un gain de temps précieux.

Renforcez votre crédibilité environnementale avec notre simulateur carbone gratuit lors de vos appels d'offres. Notre outil va au-delà de l'évaluation en détaillant les sources d'émissions et en vous offrant des solutions pour réduire votre empreinte carbone.

Facilitez les interactions entre participants, optimisez les rencontres avec les exposants, et débloquez des opportunités exceptionnelles pour des relations fructueuses qui propulsent votre succès.

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Friendly, competent customer service

AppCraft Events is distinguished by its team of competent, calm project managers who possess a deep understanding of the unpredictable nature of the events industry.

Throughout the event, a project manager can be physically present with you, or provide remote assistance via interactive modules. Our aim is to ensure that your customers have a pleasant experience.

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Committed to the ecological transition

  • Make a positive impact on the environment by using only the modules you need!
  • Evaluate the ecological footprint of your seminar or convention with our integrated carbon impact calculator.

We are proud to be the 1st event company in France to be ISO 20121 certified.

Ensuring the safety of your event: our primary concern

Ensuring your peace of mind and guaranteeing the success of your event are of the utmost importance.

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