How long will your mobile application last?

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  • 1. Durability of a mobile application: Hunting down clumpy code
  • 2. The alternative to ephemeral applications: The PAAS
  • 3. Choosing your data center: a key element in a sustainable approach

In an article dated December 12, 2019, Maddyness echoed the initiatives of start-ups in phase with the creation of a sustainability and reparability index for objects sold in commerce.

What are the criteria? Breakdown rates, spare parts availability, consumer and expert ratings…

As part of our efforts to make our event organization as eco-responsible as possible, we couldn’t remain indifferent to these announcements, and wanted to join the initiative ourselves.

Objects are the tip of the iceberg, and we are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of recycling them and giving them a second life, and that’s all very well, but what about the data?

Is there such a thing as reusable data? Used mobile applications? Code recycling? A far-fetched idea, you might ask? Well, not so much… We’ll tell you all about it:

Mobile app sustainability index: hunting down clumpy code

Clustered code or monolithic architecture is still the dominant model for mobile application design worldwide.

It’s one of the main features of a single-block program. As with any object, this has serious consequences for the durability of an application!

In fact, to update a program component, you have to rewrite the whole application… It takes time, energy and long lines of code, and the human, technical and financial effort is not negligible.

The architecture we advocate for a sustainable app is a so-called “micro-service” architecture, which we have personally chosen for our platform.

It’s a development method that’s easier to implement, more agile and more sustainable 🙂

The various modules coded using this method are independent of each other and can therefore be updated without having to review the entire structure. This saves developers time, energy and lines of code! The winning cocktail for a sustainable, reusable app.

The alternative to ephemeral applications: PAAS

PaaS, or “Platform as a Service”, enables a company to use a single solution to monitor all its internal applications. No need to use 4 different management software packages to switch from an HR solution to an events solution or training software, for example.

By pooling digital tools, we gain in sustainability. An element coded once can be reused for all the Group’s digital solutions. In this way, the energy allocated to programming, data hosting, content updating and R&D is pooled for greater durability and reparability.

Last but not least, PaaS flies in the face of conventional wisdom, and has a concrete advantage for businesses: it combines sustainability and profitability.

In fact, it reduces development times while boosting the agility of IT teams: what a bonus!

A concrete example of AppCraft’s increased sustainability for mobile applications? The ability for our customers to retain work previously carried out from one event to the next; Platforms that share modules for events, business travel, training and business unit sales management; A micro-service architecture that facilitates and reduces the cost of marginal adjustments from one project to the next 🙂

Choosing your Data Center: a key element in a sustainable approach

The durability of an application is measured in terms of its design… but also in terms of its storage. So it’s essential to think globally, and not to neglect the choice of data center.

There are a number of simple criteria to help us keep a close eye on this issue:

The cooling system used: energy-guzzling air-conditioning units, overheated fans or natural fresh air? Significant progress has been made in this area in recent years, and some datacenters now use fresh outside air to cool their computers. They also take the opportunity to reuse the heat generated by these centers for domestic purposes.

Geography: In short, the less distance, the better! Choosing a data center in the country or region where your company is located means you gain in reliability and speed of access to information.

Maintenance: Finally, find out about the maintenance of the Data Center of your choice. In fact, choosing an operator who carries out his own site maintenance means ensuring more durable and reliable quality control than if this task were outsourced.

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