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Organize an
event with worldwide distribution? Not as simple as you might think! When you’ve got a website, you’d think it would be accessible to everyone, no matter where they are in the world. This is not necessarily the case, especially for China.

Broadcasting an event in China can present a number of constraints due to the country’s strict regulations.

1. China: an unexplored Eldorado for your events

Anticipation is the key to success, whatever the event you want to organize, and doubly so for a worldwide seminar or convention in the Land of the Rising Sun.

For your event platform to be accessible in China, certain parameters need to be defined.

Have you ever heard of ICP*, Great Firewall*, Content Delivery Network* licenses?

If you haven’t already, now is the time to read this article!

2. Points to watch

Faced with the growing importance of digital events, and in order to facilitate access to events in China, effective planning requires a thorough understanding of the complexities of the Chinese ecosystem.

Here are some of the main constraints:

#Censorship and information control

China has strict online censorship rules, which can restrict the content that can be broadcast at events. Certain politically or socially sensitive subjects may be banned or heavily regulated.

#A license is required

To broadcast an event online in China, it may be necessary to obtain a specific license from the authorities, especially for large-scale or public events.


As the planet is not set to the same time zones, you’ll need to think about scheduling several time slots for your event so that everyone can take part.

#Technological restrictions

Some online broadcasting tools popular in other countries may be blocked in China, forcing the use of local or government-approved platforms, sometimes with special technical specifications or requirements.

But have you carried out tests to check compatibility with the player you want to install? Test and learn to avoid unpleasant surprises on the big day and at subsequent events!

#Language and cultural barriers

Chinese language and culture can be barriers to broadcasting events in China. Precise adaptation and understanding of local culture and expectations are necessary to effectively reach Chinese audiences.
French, English, Chinese… In which languages will your event be broadcast?

You’ll need a multilingual player that works on all types of device.
There are no limits for your participants.

3. Organizing an event for an optimized user experience

The CDN will make it possible to load your web platform, your content and
high-definition streaming

Many CDNs already enable events to be broadcast worldwide without any streams being blocked.

However, not all of these CDNs have servers in China, as most of them are American, making it difficult to broadcast digital events in the country.

But there are other, more suitable solutions.

The use of CDNs based in areas bordering China (Korea, for example) can be an interesting option, as the cost is lower and their operation more optimal than CDNs located in China.

has a thorough understanding of the issues involved in organizing events in China, and the experience to support you in your project.

By using a CDN, we provide the best performance and make sure that all the technologies are “joined up” to ensure that your event runs optimally.


Great Firewall

Also called The Great Digital Wall in reference to the Chinese Wall, this is an advanced filtering system (firewall) for controlling the flow of information online. China’s massive firewall slows website speeds by up to 40%, sometimes preventing content or images from loading completely.

Sites not hosted in China are strictly controlled via this firewall, preventing the distribution of content to Chinese Internet users.

ICP license for Internet Content Provider

The ICP license may be necessary, but is not mandatory, to distribute your content.

Is your site hosted in China?

If you want to enter the Chinese market, you can obtain your ICP license by applying before you organize your event.

CDN for Content Delivery Network

The very essence of CDN is to support the delivery of your content from datacenters located in numerous cities across China, connected to the main ISPs in each region.

A CDN will optimize your event platform and user experience, and enable you to deliver quality content to your participants.

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