Easily measure your ROI and optimize your performance with AppCraft Events!

Better knowledge of your participants, contact database of qualified leads, satisfaction survey, complete KPIs, calculation of event ROI, … our solution enables you to collect all the data from your event.

The power of numbers

Don’t miss a single opportunity: track your events in real time with our statistics module.

Measure the effectiveness of subscriptions and mailings

Measure sign-up conversion rates in real time, track e-mail opens and clicks, and identify areas for improvement to maximize the impact of your communication campaigns.

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Analyze interactivity throughout the event

Respond to time spent at live events, number of pages viewed, files downloaded, appointments made between attendees and exhibitors, response rates and measure the effectiveness of interactions.

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Discover the real impact on participant engagement

Our statistics module provides you with precise data on live polls, Q&A and group discussions.

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Visualize data in real time and track key performance indicators (KPIs)

Get a clear, intuitive overview of the progress of your events, make informed decisions and maximize your organization’s results.

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In-depth analysis, easy integration

Export data for integration into third-party analysis tools such as Excel or Google Analytics. Deepen your analysis, generate customized reports and gain even more valuable insights to improve your event strategies.

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Captivating interactions, in-depth knowledge

Track which participants have asked questions at your events, and the complete list of questions. Gain in-depth knowledge of the topics discussed, identify key contributors and optimize your next sessions for even more captivating interaction.

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Visualize your success in real time with AppCraft

Centralize and unify all your event data in one place

Benefit from real-time tracking of attendee numbers and registrations, providing instant insight into your audience's captivating engagement, and stay one step ahead of the competition!

Make data-driven decisions with ease

Don't wait to adjust the event if necessary. Immerse yourself in an in-depth analysis of the dynamic interactions between participants and exhibitors, accurately assessing the effectiveness of your event, and make last-minute adjustments to ensure the best possible result.

Easy access to data directly from the back office

Don't make assumptions when it comes to measuring the effectiveness of your events. Get complete raw data directly from the back-office, with no need to export files, propelling your event to new heights of success!

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Centralisez la gestion de vos événements, de l'inscription aux détails, pour une expérience optimale des participants avec des outils de marketing événementiel personnalisables.

Notre plateforme couvre tous les aspects de votre événement d'entreprise, de l'inscription des participants à la gestion des imprévus, en passant par la réservation d'hôtels et l'affectation de chambres partagées.

Révolutionnez vos arrivées avec notre solution de check-in digital, simplifiez la gestion des visiteurs, et laissez une impression mémorable sur vos clients. Dites adieu aux listes papier et découvrez l'efficacité et la modernité.

Optimisez vos événements avec notre application mobile tout-en-un, facile à personnaliser, centralisant toutes les informations, pour un gain de temps précieux.

Renforcez votre crédibilité environnementale avec notre simulateur carbone gratuit lors de vos appels d'offres. Notre outil va au-delà de l'évaluation en détaillant les sources d'émissions et en vous offrant des solutions pour réduire votre empreinte carbone.

Facilitez les interactions entre participants, optimisez les rencontres avec les exposants, et débloquez des opportunités exceptionnelles pour des relations fructueuses qui propulsent votre succès.

Customer cases

A complete ecosystem of excellence!

Attentive and productive customer service

AppCraft Events stands out thanks to its team of seasoned, calm project managers with in-depth knowledge of the challenges of event management.

During the event, a project manager can accompany you, either on-site or remotely, to train your hosts and hostesses.

We aim to make your Customer Experience a pleasure:

  • The pleasure of using our solutions.
  • The pleasure of close collaboration.

Ecological transition: an undeniable priority

  • Do your bit for the environment: use only the modules you really need!
  • Evaluate the ecological footprint of your seminar or convention using our integrated carbon impact calculator.

Choose France’s first ISO 20121-certified event technology company

Ensuring the safety of your event: our primary commitment

Behind every major event, there’s unshakeable cyber security.
Don’t forget it!

For your peace of mind, and because it’s vital to the success of your event.

Choose the 1st French Event Tech company to be ISO 27001 certified

Real-time statistics management