A crisis that allows the sector to reinvent itself

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  • 1. Environmental sector : comment sortir la tête de l’eau ?
  • 2. How to do it, you may ask?

« Companies are constantly reporting cancellations to us. For most of them, this has automatically led to the virtual disappearance of their sales. ». These words, declared earlier this week in Le Monde by Bertrand Biard, Chairman of L’ÉVÉNEMENT, sum up the heavy atmosphere that has hung over the events sector since the end of February 2020.

Indeed, for over two weeks now, the 335,000 jobs in the events sector are threatened by repeated cancellations. Cancellation of events they had been working on, sometimes for months.

Service providers, agencies, advertisers… It’s the whole value chain that’s been impacted, and which needs to find solutions that work together to withstand the shock.

With over 32 billion euros generated in 2018 (EY- 2019), events reinforced the image of a dynamic, flourishing industry. But 2020 marks a serious halt.

First there was the ban on events involving more than 5,000 people, then, more recently, 1,000. As a result, companies are cancelling many of their upcoming events or reinventing formats. Indeed, these cancellations are not confined to major events, but also affect smaller ones. In anticipation of the health measures likely to be announced later…

This past dynamism has led to the creation of many new businesses. And this crisis is now threatening many jobs. In this context, 3,600 partial unemployment files concerning more than 60,000 jobs have been filed, according to the French Minister of Labor, M. Pénicaud.

How do you get your head above water?

In these troubled times, resilience must be seen through the prism of the boat crossing.

At present, the boat is pitching, with waves breaking and damaging the structure. We need to act, and fast! However, too much helm can break the mast. A sluggish reaction and the boat hurtles towards the rogue waves.

The turning point is the digital shift, but the course is the human element, which is the essence of our businesses. The challenge now is to find the right balance between the two, so as to create events that do not endanger the participants. And if possible, without going full remote and dehumanizing the experience.

How do you do it, you may ask?

The first option is cutting.

A set of smaller groups connected on a single, comprehensive platform including live streaming, interactivity, document sharing and chat, helps maintain a good balance between convivial moments and personalized, tailored, interactive content.

Another possibility is geolocation. A bit like a famous dating app whose name we won’t mention here, being able to match up with colleagues could be an interesting avenue. Colleagues nearby to attend digital events together. On condition that the privacy of participants is scrupulously respected and a safe is set up to guarantee the security of the data collected.

Finally, one last small format seems to be particularly relevant in these times of reduced event attendance: the Learning Expedition.

A learning expedition, or Lex, is an event-based format in which employees are sent to learn about a new ecosystem with which they are not necessarily familiar at first sight. This “expedition” enables them to take the temperature of an innovative sector. But also to find out more about our stakeholders (startups, innovative companies…). And to capitalize on this privileged moment to identify possible synergies for their company.

Whether for purely informative purposes, or in response to a specific need (call for projects, in conjunction with a major trade show, etc.), Lex is first and foremost a time for exchanging and sharing experience. It usually takes place in small groups of between 10 and 25 people.

The latter was a favorite of ours, and was the subject of a partnership with startup ForInov. It enabled us to combine our expertise for a result that exceeded our expectations. A successful example of the alliance of digital (dedicated mobile application, document portfolio, push notifications, interactivity…) and human (sourcing, reverse mentoring, immersive workshops).

Stay tuned, this format will be the subject of a dedicated article next week on our blog 🙂

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