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Battle for attention, engaging participants at marketing and corporate events. Gamification involves integrating game elements into non-game contexts to encourage participation.

It offers benefits such as increased engagement, improved employee and user retention, and the creation of an interactive, immersive experience. This approach reinforces the reward system, gives users control, creates competition and enables participants to track their progress.

Gamifying an event means giving it a more playful feel through games.
mobile applicationsor the event site, gamification aims to create stronger interaction, convey messages and reinforce the links between participants and the company.

In a hyper-connected society where people want to have fun in both their professional and personal lives, gamifying your event is the best way to meet your employees’ needs.
For the duration of the event, it’s possible to play seriously.serious game – between players rather than collaborators.
With the digital devices available today, gamification also makes it possible to connect event participants, whether they are in person or remotely, or a mix of the two, while exploiting the power of engagement generated by games. No one is left out.

AppCraft simplifies event gamification

Gamification is based on 4 principles that we have totally programmed, or pre-programmed to put it another way!

1- Reinforce the reward and challenge system

That’s the tricky part: which carrot? What reward? What reward? Offer the most motivated a trip, a gym membership, a company jacket… It doesn’t matter, but there has to be a reward!

This is what will encourage users to engage with your event and feel part of your brand’s adventure.

In addition to the event’s program, which can be very attractive, announcing one or more individual or group challenges is an excellent way of communicating on your company’s networks or in your ecosystems: it’s an additional element of motivation to take part in your convention, your event or your event. seminaryour congress, your conference etc…

With AppCraft, each participant, from their ownevent-driven application can earn medals and points. Everything is already programmed, so there’s no need to waste time on design!

2- Make participants active during the event: give them control

It’s very simple, because all the interactivity modules, or the participant’s decisions to follow a particular workshop, to respond to a particular ask questions to a speaker, or take part in a survey. make an appointment with an exhibitor, post a photo on the social-wall, scan a QR code on a route etc… are likely to be earn him points
Organizers, it’s up to you to find the right pretexts to make it appealing to your audience, to make it a fun experience.
With AppCraft, you can organize and prioritize each action: answering a quiz can earn you 5 points, while asking a question can earn you 1 point.

Here again, everything is already programmed into the points calculation, so no time is wasted on design!

3- Create emulation among your participants, individually or in teams

Obviously, leading a network of shareholders or members at a general meeting is not the same as leading a sales force. That’s why your event gamification module must be fully customizable to suit your audience.

Creating emulation through gamification is a way of playing with the time of the event, before, during and potentially after (with a consolation prize, for example).
Your participant has a goal to reach, and this will motivate him or her, because humans are naturally competitive and like to win or be recognized.
Creating highlights and punctuating your event with games means that your participants can earn medals throughout the event. This will make them want to come back and participate even more, to earn even more points.

Challenges can also be individual or collective, so your gamification module must be able to manage teams. This will reinforce interaction between employees, team cohesion and the feeling of belonging to your company or group.

Here too, everything is already programmed to manage team results, so no time is wasted!

4- Follow the competition and its ranking

It’s important for the motivation of each team or participant to track their results, progress and ranking.
A simple interface lets you track progress from event application or on the event website for the various challenges on offer.

Participants can see how far they’ve come, and how close they are to achieving the top score on a leaderboard.

It’s a great way to boost your event and fuel conversations between participants or teams.

The benefits of gamification are manifold:

  • improve participation and reduce no-shows
  • improve engagement throughout the event
  • set the pace for your event and stimulate interaction
  • improve participants’ attention span
  • anchor your messages more firmly with your audiences
  • add a touch of entertainment to your business event
  • make your participants actors of their experience rather than mere spectators
  • get more feedback from your users
  • rewarding the best

For the organizer or company, gamification also makes it possible to gather an enormous amount of information from users, often very qualitative information.

How many hours do you need to set up gamification for your event?

Thanks to the parameter-setting screens in the Back-Office, it’s very easy to set up on event application or event website to manage points, rankings and create challenges to boost your event.

With AppCraft, you’re not on your own: you’ll also benefit from a team of project managers to provide personalized support for event management and the choice of modules you can use.

As the saying goes: you learn best when you’re having fun.

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