Boost recruitment and develop internal mobility within your company? Not even afraid!

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  • Boost recruitment and develop internal mobility within your company? Not even afraid!

A sunny Sunday afternoon. The living room of your apartment. A well-deserved brunch with friends. Someone rings the doorbell.

The stranger holds several signs in his hands and invites you to read his message:

🪧 First sign: “I’m sorry to tell you that your company is no longer attractive; it can no longer recruit.”
🪧 Second sign: “Out of your target of 10 recruitments in Q1, only 4 were achieved.”
🪧 Third sign: “And more than 20% of your oldest and most loyal employees have left the company in the last six months.”
🪧 Last sign: “In view of your relatively weak performance this semester, I regret to announce that….”

You slam the door on our stranger. Drops of sweat pile up on your forehead. Is your performance at stake? Is your management being called into question? Will your company stagnate or be overtaken?

Haaa! Wake up! It was just a bad dream. And to make sure it never becomes reality, AppCraft has a few secrets to help you make 2023 the best year yet for your employer brand. At the heart of our strategy: to use an events platform to help you create, set up and manage unifying corporate events – annual seminars or conventions, awards evenings, company performance information sessions, etc. – and to provide you with the tools you need to achieve your objectives. – that will reinforce your employer brand.

So that attracting qualified candidates, retaining them and turning your current employees into loyal ambassadors is no longer a dream.

1. What is an event platform, what is its purpose and how do you choose the right one?

2. Did you say employer brand?

3. 4 ways to use an event platform to support your employer branding objectives

What is an event platform?

Whether a software solution or a developed website, a good event management platform will help you organize, manage and evaluate your events with ease. Because it focuses on the user experience of your participants and represents the image of your event, it guarantees its success, promotes audience engagement and can even help you create a community around your event, by encouraging dialogue with participants on social networks throughout the process.

Why use an event platform?

As digital technology becomes an increasingly important means of communication, responding to employees’ needs for flexibility and new ways of organizing their work, using an event platform will help you engage your audience through innovative communication tailored to their needs.

A good event platform will provide you with tools capable of distributing your content in an optimized way on the web and in free access, using a variety of modules and functionalities, such as interactivity, gamification, registration management, emailing and so on.

The event platform that’s right for you should therefore above all offer efficient and ingenious communication options, more developed than the premium versions of basic wbinary sites. To help your event run smoothly, for example, you’ll benefit from tools such as chats, Q&A or a social wall.

How do you choose your event platform?

To choose your event platform, the first thing to do is to identify your project objectives, then determine your target audience and the format of your event: digital, physical or hybrid.

Indeed, depending on the format chosen for your event, the choice of your event platform will vary and will focus on the presence of different functionalities:

  • The ability to convey your content, to aggregate the management and interactivity of your participants, for example, will be more important at a physical event.
  • In the case of a
    digital event
    a series of more advanced functionalities to accompany your 360° event will undoubtedly be more appropriate.

You should also review the technology offered by the platform and check that it is working properly. Get to grips with the interface and make sure it meets your needs Is she warm, intuitive, etc.?

Don’t skimp on safety security by choosing an event platform hosted in your participants’ country of residence. This ensures higher quality in terms of video streaming and RGPD compliance.

As the organizer of the digital event, you are responsible for your participants’ data, and for ensuring that it is secure and used appropriately. Ask yourself the following questions: Is the website in HTTPS? Where is the data stored? Where does the platform come from? Is it ISO 27001 certified? etc.

Finally, when it comes to graphics and designIf your site is designed for a tablet, a computer or a cell phone, remember to check that the platform’s design is responsive, i.e. capable of adapting the display of your site’s pages to the screen reading it, whether it’s a tablet, a computer or a cell phone, and to do so automatically.

The possibility of customizing the graphics to reflect the colors of your event and your employer brand will enable your candidates to immerse themselves more fully in your world, with coherent variations adapted to your communication media (social networks, replay, showcase site, e-mails, etc.).

Did you say employer brand?

Employer branding is the strategic, branding asset of a company’s recruitment and internal mobility policy. It’s the image a company projects to its various target audiences, starting with its employees, collaborators and future candidates.

By building on the key elements of its DNA and ensuring that it is aligned with its true values, it attracts and retains talent over the long term, and in recent years, statistics have consistently underlined the strategic role played by a strong employer brand in a policy of retaining and recruiting talent. In fact, 64% of organizations surveyed consider improving their employer brand to be a key issue in their recruitment and talent retention strategy*.

Here are some key figures:

  • 82% of companies said they had difficulty recruiting an executive;
  • 40% of permanent contracts were terminated within the first year of employment* ;
  • A strong employer brand increases the number of highly qualified applications by 50%;
  • 84% of employees are considering leaving their company for one with a better reputation.**

But don’t worry! Your recruitment and retention objectives can be targeted by a high-impact internal communications strategy, with a focus on memorable corporate events.



4 AppCraft case studies, illustrating how an event platform can serve your employer branding objectives

  • Internal recruitment

Do like the Crédit Agricole bank , and bring your employees together for a moment dedicated to internal mobility, to offer them new job opportunities in their various branches.

Whether physical or digital, as Crédit Agricole has chosen, we can, for example, provide you with a matchmaking system before the event to generate appropriate proposals based on profiles, as well as a application which lets you know when a job is open and in which region.

The results speak for themselves: Crédit Agricole customer case study

  • Annual convention with your top management

If, like GivaudanIf you need to bring your group’s top managers together for several days to discuss the company’s vision, strategy or future projects, AppCraf will help you organize an event that alternates professional sessions with more relaxed moments, so that your C-levels can start their year on a stronger footing.

Take a look at the customized features developed by AppCraft for Givaudan and the results obtained following the event: Givaudan case study

  • Company seminar

Need to organize a convention that brings together thousands of people to discuss your company’s major objectives and development priorities?

Like Groupe BPCE and its 2,500 employees, do you need support to create a graphic charter that is 100% your image, or to enable participants to interact via a social wall?

Read our BPCE case study now, to get inspired by the solutions and modules offered to them.

  • Awards evening

Is morale falling? Would you like to reenergize your employees’ commitment and reawaken their enthusiasm? Why not organize a ceremony like the annual Heavent Awards ? at Heavent Meetings in Cannes? At this ceremony, an audience and a jury of professionals vote for the best events of the year, divided into several categories.

AppCraft can provide you with a mobile application open to all to follow the progress of the Awards, or a simple tool with a personalized graphic charter where you can find the program, the description of the projects, the sponsors or the Awards jury… the possibilities are infinitely flexible! Take a look: Heavent Awards case study.

You too can create your first digital events with AppCraft !

Our tool will enable you to plan every moment of your event in a simple and personalized way, thanks to our responsive team at the service of your event.

It’s as simple as that: you’ll see!

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