COVID-19 and the birth of AppCraft Everywhere

Contents :

  • 1. Covid-19: The balance sheet
  • 2. The outlook
  • 3. AppCraft Everywhere

In our previous blog post, we talked about the need to reinvent ourselves in order to survive.

So we took the time we needed to digest this shock. We then took a real leap into the unknown by reinventing ourselves. But not just any way.

We had to react with moderation and cool-headedness, bringing all our teams together to make the right decisions together, balancing each other’s views and sensitivities to find a healthy balance;

Indeed, since our DNA is not one of standing idly by, we had to take action on behalf of our customers. At the same time, however, we were determined not to over-communicate. Always the question of balance 🙂

So we took a few days off to take stock of this unprecedented crisis. We’ve put our hearts into our work to come up with tools adapted to the new challenges of today’s and tomorrow’s events.

Covid-19: The Balance Sheet

  • For our part, we are convinced that certain event formats are going to have to evolve. That digitization, at least partial digitization, will be necessary to emerge from the crisis. Especially for corporate events with large numbers of people.
  • We also anticipate that the de-containment will be gradual, and events up to the end of 2020 will be limited in the number of people physically present.
  • Finally, it’s clear to us that this crisis is accelerating awareness around eco-design of events, CSR, employee well-being.

The outlook

Once this initial assessment was complete, we sat down together around a table. With (recycled) pencil in hand, we brainstormed together about our offer. To existing modules, and to what the creativity offered by the AppCraft Events platform (thanks to its ultra-modularity) could add to what was already being done in response to these constraints.

After hours of brainstorming, cross-outs and exciting discussions we came to the following conclusion:

Video technologies are numerous and readily available on the market. They do the job they’re asked to do. That is, broadcasting a video stream and allowing collaborators to connect with each other, but as soon as we talk about personalizing the experience, some links are missing.

En effet, qu’en est-il des interactions live ? What about the “digital” scenarization of the event? What about the design little, if any, customizability… we could fill an inventory à la Prévert, our collaborators have shown a lot of imagination 🙂

There’s no magic formula, this exercise was duplicated for all our existing modules as well as to all our modules in R&D to arrive today at a clear response, in the form of a new offer.

Cette nouvelle offre s”appelle AppCraft Everywhere.

AppCraft Everywhere

In a few words, what does AppCraft Everywhere involve?

If we had to sum it up in 3 sentences, the AppCraft Everywhere offer is :

  • Une high-performance video technology for the distribution of live messages (live broadcast, duplex or triplex loudspeaker distribution, multi-conferences, etc.).
  • Numerous live interactivity modules adaptable to any use case (live registration, matrices, quizzes, Q&A, push-up notifications, etc.).
  • Above all, a platform and a team capable of mix live (broadcast on your computer screen) with a mobile solution that serves as your event’s remote control (secure file portfolio, solution in your colors, information pages…).
    The live + mobile combination offers infinite opportunities for animation and emotion to engage participants and propose original formats!

In our eyes, a poorly anticipated live event is like renting a room with no scenography. All the participants will be present, but the emotion will probably not be there.
With this in mind, we decided to set up a tool dedicated to the secure customization of remote B2B events.

The creation of virtual events is not just an opportunity of the moment. This accelerates a more global approach on the part of companies who, for example, are increasingly keen to limit employee travel in order to reduce the carbon footprint of their events.

Today, many events are turning into 100% online events out of necessity. It’s likely that tomorrow we’ll be building hybrid events: half face-to-face, half virtual, and probably multi-site to reduce the need for large gatherings.

As the purpose of this blog post is not commercial communication, we look forward to seeing you early next week for further explanations on this new brick in the AppCraft Events lego set 🙂

See you soon, and be well!

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