Employee awareness and knowledge management in companies

Raise your employees' awareness of your company's key issues

Sharing key information with employees is a necessity for any company. Tomorrow’s challenges, the Group’s values, security in the face of external threats: how do you ensure that everyone has the same level of information, so as to be aligned with your challenges?

Acquiring information is no longer the biggest problem for companies. Mastering and sharing this data or knowledge has become the real sinews of war.

The best-prepared structure in the market will not gain any competitive advantage if its knowledge is not shared and understood by all its employees.

The notion of “knowledge management” has gradually emerged in organizations. A good knowledge management strategy enables employees to access and exploit information quickly and efficiently. Whether shared internally or with other divisions, the right knowledge-sharing reflexes are essential for productivity gains. With a little help or guidance, passing on this knowledge can be as simple as the click of a mouse.

This article will provide a quick guide to creating a knowledge management strategy. It will also provide an effective methodology for determining the level of awareness and action to be taken if you encounter problem areas.

Why develop a knowledge management strategy quickly?

Knowledge management is playing an increasingly important role in business. Knowledge can be broken down into several key aspects that will consolidate your 2.0 organization and facilitate the transfer of information. This will contribute to your company’s development and give you a competitive edge.

Making information accessible to all
Information is often useful, but making it accessible to all your employees can be complicated. By simplifying access to your information and removing silos, you’ll gain in productivity and be able to resolve friction points more easily.

Referring to I. Nonaka’s knowledge conversion matrix, make the distinction between transforming tacit knowledge into explicit knowledge. Nonaka, make the distinction between transforming tacit knowledge into explicit knowledge.

Nonaka knowledge matrix – Source : hubspot.fr

From this, you will have access to the 4 conversions of knowledge:

  • Socializing by sharing experiences among your employees.
  • Internalization through understanding and assimilation of knowledge.
  • The combination to assimilate the knowledge acquired with other knowledge that you will have interwoven according to your strategy.
    Externalization refers to the explanation of practical know-how through discourse, but also in written form. This is one of the main objectives of knowledge management. The challenge here is to adopt the language of the concepts that will be shared.

Accelerate your growth

A good command of information and knowledge, combined with know-how, can accelerate a company’s growth. Employees are less hesitant, more proactive and have a better understanding of the challenges they face.

Boost your productivity

Searching for information can be time-consuming. On average, employees spend around 7.5 hours a week looking for information without finding it (France Stratégies). This observation also applies to non-shared documentation, which is generally accessible to a single person or department.

  • With organized knowledge management, you can reduce an employee’s search time by making the information he or she is looking for accessible.
  • This unlocks autonomy at work and makes your employees proactive.
  • This facilitates the processes implemented within a company.

Show your innovative character

By building on an effective knowledge management strategy, you’ll not only adopt important reflexes, but also create an innovative image among your employees.

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How can you raise employee awareness effectively?

Raising awareness among your employees helps to add value to your existing information. Facilitating the acquisition of knowledge can be achieved through a variety of techniques, as well as through playful, formative activities. A good understanding of this information will save them time in their respective tasks. Dedicated awareness-raising days can also empower them and improve their sense of belonging to your company. With this strategy, you rally your employees to a cause: the vision you wish to convey.

With this innovative format, you can grab your employees’ attention by giving them the freedom to choose the sessions they want to attend.

At AppCraft, we’ve developed a platform dedicated to this awareness-raising approach. Registration for sessions (with possible gauge), home page presenting your content, program and workshops, your participants will be able to find all the information they need in one place.

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Events: a strategy that has already proved its worth

Events have already proved their worth in recent years. Events are a way of gathering, sharing and informing, whether through knowledge management or awareness-raising.

Employee commitment is based on a number of important criteria. Today’s companies need to find solutions to keep their employees motivated and committed, by encouraging them to take part in the company’s dynamic. At AppCraft, we offer 3 hot topics that present themselves as a key need in a company’s ecosystem:


Knowledge management is a key corporate objective, and when properly implemented, it accelerates performance.

By taking the lead in the face of the PACTE law, which comes into force in 2019, you anticipate and are no longer a spectator but a player in your knowledge management strategy. By taking these changes into account, you enhance the value of your company in its environment and its social and environmental challenges.

According to the figures, 58% of people say that a company’s CSR policy plays a role in their job application. The values you convey in your knowledge sharing influence and positively impact your employees who are sensitive to these values.


According to one study, 44% of large companies have experienced network outages due to cyber attacks such as phishing, compared with 14% of small businesses.

And 2022 is already not looking like the most favorable year for cybersecurity. Given the current context, awareness of cyber-attacks is becoming a necessity, especially when we know that they often take place because of human error – an uninformed person.

CyberSecWeek 2021 was a pioneering event. Last year, Vinci decided to raise its employees’ awareness of Cybersecurity. In view of the growing number of cyber attacks, their experts decided to create an event that generated :

  • An audience multiplied by 3 compared to its previous physical edition.
  • Efficient knowledge management between Vinci experts and their employees.
  • 19,260 people connected out of an expected average of 10,000 registrations.


By adopting an innovative approach, you’ll stand out from the competition and offer significant added value. In this way, you encourage your teams to commit to your company.

Your employees need training in different awareness verticals to maintain motivation levels. By adopting one of these three verticals, you’ll create a positive, motivating dynamic through knowledge management.

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Don’t put up barriers to knowledge acquisition. Inform, educate and train your employees in your values.

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