How do you engage your participants before the event?


  • 1. Create a showcase for your event
  • 2. Innovation, even in your invitations!
  • 3. Digital teasing: your new communication weapon

Is the return rate of your invitations too low? Uncertainty about the final number of participants is causing you to overestimate the logistical requirements of your event? How do you engage your guests before your event has even taken place? AppCraft offers you 3 tried and tested solutions to solve these problems!

Create a showcase for your event

Create a visual universe dedicated to your event through a website dedicated to your event and offer a unique experience to your participants. A beautiful design, a description of the event and images and videos will help your guests to participate more fully.

Your participants will find all the information they need about your event: schedule, date, times, dress code, transportation… It’s all there for your guests to plan their event! Your website will be a landmark for all your guests.

You’ll also be able to allow your attendees to register directly online, simplifying the registration process for both you and your guests. You’ll then have complete, automated listings that change automatically in real time, saving you a lot of organizational time so that you can concentrate on tasks with greater added value for your event!

Innovation, even in your invitations!

Having a website is great, but it’s not enough! It still needs to be made known to its participants… But how?

Sending out a traditional invitation is still the best way to publicize your event. Today, emailing has replaced most paper invitations, and digital technology opens the door to a host of possibilities that are still under-exploited by event organizers!

The main added value of e-mail invitations is the automation of invitation personalization. Using his guest file, the organizer can now send an e-mail containing not only the guest’s first name, but also information specific to him, such as his flight, table or room number, or the time of a meeting or workshop in which he will be participating.

By achieving a sufficient level of personalization, your invitations will become more human, engaging your guests to respond more often and more quickly before and after your event. By improving your return rate, you can adapt your logistics and reduce your costs in the run-up to the event.

Digital teasing: your new communication weapon

Personalizing invitation and follow-up e-mails is far from being your only tool!

Digital event services provide you with a host of innovative communication tools designed to enhance your participants’ experience, even before the event.

For example, your event’s mobile application can be deployed several months in advance. You can then announce by e-mail to your guests that a speaker or a mystery workshop will be unveiled on your app on a given day. This will encourage your guests to download the app, and thus join the future community of your event, all that’s left to do is maintain it until the big day, and then…

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