How do you maintain your community after the event?

Sommary :

1 1. Send news to your community
2 2. Use chat and forum modules
3 3. Use the application again for a future event

As you may have already realized, a mobile application is the best way to maintain a community of participants created during the event. However, this remains a major problem for event organizers: how do you keep and nurture the links you’ve created?

1. Send news to your community

Thanks to a mobile application, you can post content after your event and alert your participants with a push notification. The latter, less redundant than an e-mail, will encourage your participant to consult your latest publication. The first step is to make participants understand that the event continues on the application dedicated to it. Introduce them to upcoming content and features that will still be available after the event. This announcement can be made during the event, at the end of a conference for example. Once the event is over, the news must engage your participants so that they don’t tire of the application. To do this, vary your information and diversify your communication by offering special offers, for example! Your news can also be posted by different parties! For example, give your partners access so that they can showcase their activities on your application. On the one hand, you provide a new communication channel. On the other hand, you diversify the subjects covered in your news.

2. Use chat and forum modules

But in addition to the bond that the organizers have built up with the participants – which is of paramount importance – the bond that has been created between the participants themselves is just as important. With an application during events and in particular with the
new affinities have been forged, which need to be nurtured.

For this, two modules seem appropriate: chat and forum. Firstly, thanks to the chat module, participants can continue to communicate, send each other documents and share moments. The transition between professional and personal networks is a tricky one to make, so having an app is the perfect way to keep making connections.

The Forum module is also worth considering when you want to train group communication and knowledge transfer. Thanks to a forum, participants can freely ask questions on a specific subject, and others can comment and debate. In this way, a real support network can be created, to the delight of your participants!

3. Use the application again for a future event

Once you’ve deployed your event’s application, it’s always available and accessible to all your participants. Engage your participants for a unique and unforgettable experience. They’ll remember you even months later, thanks to your mobile app!

Do you organize the same event every year? With Appcraft, your application can be reused over and over again. And if your event evolves, you can add all the modules you want, or remove those you no longer need. It’s faster, cheaper and more convenient, both for you and for your participants!

Create a link with your audience, bring them new information and arouse their curiosity through your application. No need to have them download a different one every year, they’ll use it as a compass during the event and keep it for the rest of the year to communicate with other participants and keep up to date with the latest news!

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