The 5 digital professions shaping tomorrow’s event industry

Contents :

  • 1. Immersive Designer
  • 2. Scrum Master
  • 3. Responsible event strategy and consulting
  • 4. E-Sport Project Manager
  • 5. Chief Digital Officer

Immersive… Scrum method… Paperless… CDO… Don’t these words ring a bell? That’s all right! Today, AppCraft brings you a focus on the digital professions that will be building (or are already building) the event industry of tomorrow 🙂

Immersive Designer

Augmented reality, virtual reality, mixed reality… it’s easy to get lost in the titles.

Yet all three concepts share a common denominator: the use of 3D to create new participant experiences. With the help of glasses, headphones or directly on your smartphone, 3D is becoming increasingly popular with event organizers. And for good reason: it allows us to offer an ever more personalized and immersive experience.

But building these new media requires special expertise. This is where the Immersive Designer comes in. Its role is to design and produce the 3D world of your event from A to Z. He works to ensure that the experience is optimal. Both in terms of content and design, and in terms of user experience.

Scrum Master

The events business is, by its very nature, a field where unforeseen events are an everyday occurrence. Communication Departments and agencies have understood this, and so have service providers!

Indeed, offering agile, modular solutions that adapt to events and not the other way around has become a must-have for event providers in 2019.

And adaptation means specific developments… To manage these constantly refreshed lines of code, you need a well-structured organization. This is where the Scrum Master comes in.

The scrum method, directly inspired by the English word for rugby scrum, is used to structure sprints. These sprints are moments when all the developers dedicated to a project actively code to rapidly deliver a new product. The Scrum Master is the conductor of this process. He is the guarantor of the project’s on-time delivery. He keeps his head above the fray to see the big picture and coordinate the actions needed to complete the order.

Responsible event strategy and consulting

Building a zero-waste, paperless event, where sorting, soft mobility and recycled furniture are the order of the day, doesn’t happen overnight. Spending hours on end trying to fit circles into squares to reduce the ecological footprint of your event has become the daily routine for many logistics and project managers.

To support and guide them through this process, consulting professionals are providing their expertise, and more and more of them are integrating employees with in-depth knowledge of the ISO 20121 standard, dedicated to consulting and strategy for the creation of responsible events. A useful profession for organizers and society in general with a bright future 🙂

E-sport Project Manager

Last week’s Paris Games Week in the French capital highlighted a discipline that’s becoming increasingly popular in major venues around the world: e-sport events.

Tournaments, charity events, roadshows, promotional events: e-sport is well and truly establishing itself as an essential part of the French event landscape.

The e-sport project manager is involved in the design, implementation and smooth running of these events. Without doubt, a profession with a bright future.

He/she designs, prepares, monitors and steers all the actions to be implemented, ensuring that they are carried out properly. This can include the creation of an e-sport event, an online tournament, a communication campaign or even e-sport-related content.

Chief Digital Officer

The digital director or CDO: this job is nothing new. In fact, many companies of all sizes have undertaken to radically transform their internal processes and digitalize them in order to increase efficiency, productivity and market share, and reduce low value-added tasks.

But while it’s not new, it’s gaining in importance and value year after year. In the age of big data, RGPD and the emergence of AI, having a digital director is becoming the norm for adapting to tomorrow’s business challenges.

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