The benefits of digital events for expanding and maintaining your network

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  • The benefits of digital events for expanding and maintaining your network

The benefits of digital events for expanding and maintaining your network

BtoB events are used by professionals as a means of communication. Announcing company news, launching a product, developing brand awareness, acquiring or maintaining a network… each situation requires a different event format.

Long a physical activity, these key corporate moments have been radically transformed in recent years, thanks to/because of the health situation. As a result, digital typology has become an essential format for corporate communication.

Over the last few months, communications and events professionals have been learning how to organize and deploy a digital event in the best possible way. New business skills and, above all, changing participant expectations: innovation in these formats is a must! Indeed, a simple 30-minute / 1-hour webinar on Zoom or Meet with a “push” and one-sided approach is no longer possible.

From now on, you need to create a useful event that makes sense for you and your audience by :

  • Promote your brand/business by creating a communication platform that reflects your image.
  • The integration of functionalities that make sense, to encourage participants to become active players in the event.

Obtaining data that will be indispensable to you in the future.

How can you be sure to create an event with a positive ROI for your company, and why set up such a format? A look back at what we’ve learned over the past 2 years:

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How do digital events facilitate network acquisition?

One of the reasons to organize a BtoB event for a company is to develop its network. Attracting new customers, creating partnerships with suppliers, or synergies with other companies: expanding your network requires events.

So why opt for the digital format when the tradition has always been to organize these moments in physical form?

More economical

At a 100% online event, it’s easy to bring several populations together. Customers, suppliers, stakeholders, employees, investors, … With today’s solutions for personalizing the experience of each of your targets, it’s possible to combine several sub-events into a single one. But different targets mean different content for different people. In fact, AppCraft has thought of this and can adapt the content available for download on your mobile platform or application. This means that each type of participant (prospects, customers, resellers, etc.) has access to different resources and support. In a single event, you can communicate your 2021 strategy with your suppliers and your ambitions with your customers. So your costs are shared. Instead of organizing two or three separate events, depending on your participants, a single date and a single meeting point is now possible! You’ll also save money on booking a venue, catering or accommodation for your participants.

Increased visibility

An all-digital event has the advantage of increased visibility in time and space. You can use a specially designed event platform to communicate before, during and after your D-day.

– Upstream teaser in the form of videos or mailings → what are the advantages for your audience of connecting?

– Live and networking during your event → encourage your targets to exchange ideas thanks to the various interactive modules on offer

– Replay, document sharing and content marketing after the event → don’t close your platform directly at the end of your event. Give your audience time to come back and pick up the content/information they want.

All this will help your event come alive over a longer period of time, while adding value for your participants. Get noticed and build an innovative reputation!

Easier to set up

Some people may still be wary of digital events. In fact, preconceived ideas about this format are diminishing, but continue to circulate: difficult to set up, heavy equipment, more complicated return on investment, participant fatigue…

You can’t improvise a digital event! It needs to be prepared: event objective, channels, guests, message, etc. Nothing should be left to chance. Not even the tool used. That’s why there are digital solutions that are quick and intuitive to use, and designed for non-IT specialists. Tools to meet all your challenges and orchestrate your events according to your objectives.

This digital format also enables organizers to avoid the logistical and customs barriers that can consume significant bandwidth. There are no longer any constraints of location (space) or geography (access).

A complete list of the advantages of the digital format for all your events:

A data-gathering format for a clear ROI that's quick to calculate

It’s no surprise that data is the lifeblood of the business. This new black gold for your business will enable you to gather invaluable information for your development.

So digital events mean qualified data collection. Long gone are the days of QR-code scans of visitors to your physical stands, transferring this unstructured data into your CRM (when this is done) and structuring it all by your sales teams. With a “digital stand”, it’s now possible to collect data easily: how many people have visited your page, how many have requested an appointment, which content/offers worked best, which keywords did they find you by, …

All this information is just a click away in your back office. Calculating the ROI of your event will be child’s play! Provided you opt for a digital tool that makes this possible. It is therefore advisable to benchmark the various solutions available on the market.

  • It’s important for you to know whether your event has been well attended? Look for a solution that tracks the number of sessions attended by your audience and the overall time spent on your platform.
  • Would you like to get an idea of what your audience is most interested in? Some solutions allow you to find out which workshops have been most popular (in terms of number of visits and over time).
  • Interesting to know what slowed down your participants during your event? By looking at the least-opened content or the least-visited pages, you’ll have a good idea of your target audience’s interests.
  • Who are your most committed participants? Go to the back office of your solution to contact them again and book 1to1 appointments.

How do digital events facilitate network maintenance?

The ability to easily use the data collected

Once collected, your event data must not be forgotten. And this is unfortunately all too true today.

Take advantage of your event to :

  • Update your CRM: if you allow access to your event by registration only (which we recommend), you’ll have the opportunity to choose the fields you need to fill in! Depending on your business, this could be last name, first name, e-mail address, sector of activity, position held, subjects they’d like information on, etc. In all cases, remember to only ask for information that will be of value to you and that you’ll be able to use later.
  • Follow-up with customers or prospects who attended your webinar: If they came, it’s because they’re interested in one or more of your services. So doing nothing with these hot leads would be a mistake for the development of your business. Plan a mailing / LinkedIn / calling campaign in the coming days (channels to be decided according to your targets). Depending on your tools, you can even create an automated campaign to follow-up with your various participants.
  • Push content based on individual downloads: Depending on the solution you use for your events, you’ll be able to know the precise offer that attracts each of your attendees. It’s a great way to send out relevant, personalized reminders! This normally generates a better ROI and less targeting effort on your part. A win-win situation.

Focus on creating a community

Lead/customer nurturing can help you create a real community. This notion is not insignificant! If we look at a number of companies that are well known on the market today, such as Tinder or DropBox, we see that their development is based on their community. Creating a sense of belonging, communicating your values and your story, enables consumers of your product/service to appropriate and identify with your brand. This system may take time to set up, but will have a huge impact on your business if it takes root. Your customers become a community that promotes your company for free. The people reached by this communication will be all the more curious to find out about you, as the communication will be made by an outsider who has already tested your services. A guarantee of quality!

It’s not uncommon to find official or unofficial brand “ambassadors” among the most committed members of this community.

Events come in a variety of complementary formats, all of which are more or less interesting depending on the needs you’re targeting and the returns you’re hoping to achieve. That’s why it’s important to choose the right format for your next event.

We’ve seen the various advantages of digital events, but that doesn’t mean physical events are outdated! It also has a number of advantages and disadvantages, such as :

Plus points :

  • An opportunity to make contacts “in live” and to develop your network on a human level.
  • The power of live intervention, more engaging for some than remote intervention
  • Opportunities for informal exchanges between stakeholders and the public encouraged


  • A crisis that’s still a little unstable, and could tip a physical format over into digital.
  • Limit your event to a specific geographical area, as not all guests are able or willing to travel.
  • Higher costs (rental, travel, catering, etc.)

Combined, these two event formats can be highly effective in engaging an audience. The distinction between a virtual conference and a live event can have a positive impact on your audience. Could this be the beginning of the advent of hybrid events? To be continued

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