With the Olympic Games 2024, CSR policy and corporate events go hand in hand!

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  • With the Olympic Games 2024, CSR policy and corporate events go hand in hand!

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an approach whereby a company makes a commitment to sustainable development issues. From corporate governance and eco-responsibility to gender equality, CSR policy embraces a wide range of subjects, all linked to the impact of economic activity on society and the environment.
With International Women’s Rights Day just past, let’s take stock together of the various levers at your disposal to align your CSR objectives with the organization of high-impact corporate events.


1. How can you catapult your CSR policy to the forefront of your company?

1.1 Gender equality

1.2 Project governance

1.3 The ecological transition

1.4 Communication tools

2. Support, the cornerstone of a successful event!

How can you catapult your CSR policy to the forefront of your company?

Among other key themes, 2024 will continue to highlight committed events and give the events sector a leadership role in driving change. Every event has its own set of specifications, in which the introduction of a cause or an awareness-raising effort on subjects as diverse as diversity, the ecological transition or equity, has now become a standard that every organizer has every interest in taking into consideration. Taking a serious look at these subjects, for example, helps to develop the internal mobility of the company by taking better account of the desires of its employees and candidates, as well as promoting their well-being; but also to strengthen the employer brand and so on better qualify your recruitment.

Here are a few examples of events and actions to be implemented, depending on the CSR issue in question. ⤵️

Gender equality

Corporate events designed to raise employee awareness and encourage action on the theme of gender equality have proved highly effective, and can be organized in a wide variety of formats, from more traditional events such as workshops on your rights, legal obligations, etc. or more innovative, such as video games, films or podcasts. Webinars and speeches can also serve the cause of gender equality, by drawing the attention of every employee to the issue.

Another trend, straight from the USA and increasingly implemented, particularly in large groups such as Dell Technologies, Société Générale and Euronext: Employee Resource Groups (ERGs ). Set up within companies to encourage employees’ personal and professional development, these groups are led by staff volunteers, and rally around a common characteristic, be it gender, ethnic origin, lifestyle or interests. Their notorious vocation is to protect minorities from moral harassment and to contribute to their development. A corporate event is therefore an ideal channel for a group of women, for example, to get together, exchange ideas and organize initiatives to promote gender equality within the company.

Project governance

Workplace relations, exchanges, collegial decision-making and management are among the social issues linked to CSR policy. You can then imagine a shared management of your event project, by organizing a consultation of employees to find out their preferences, or by appointing a collegial project-team.

In this way, you adopt a participative and not just a top-down approach; you encourage team cohesion within your company, and you have the assurance of a transparent organization.

The ecological transition

  • Regarding the choice of venue

Hotel, restaurant, reception hall: whatever its form, your event needs to find the perfect venue! When making your choice, you can take into account various criteria linked to the ecological transition, such as geographical distance, public transport links, waste management, the use of environmentally-friendly household products, short distribution channels…

  • … transport issues

To help your staff get to the event, give priority to collective and green mobility , such as train, carpooling or bus. Not only will this be less polluting and less expensive than the private car, but it will also encourage exchanges between participants, which will be very beneficial for the atmosphere at work! You can also suggest digitizing certain round tables to limit travel, or favoring online meetings with your service providers, when preparing upstream for the event.

  • … content and activities

If you’re planning workshops for your corporate event, think local and environmental. For example, why not dedicate one to the impact of your daily work on the environment? This will raise awareness of the issue, while providing concrete solutions. Choose local speakers and resources, such as a local animator, and include food from local producers on the menu.

However, it’s important to keep your approach playful: the ecological transition shouldn’t be a boring moral lesson, but rather a collective ambition, a shared value. If you’re planning a seminar, you can organize a bike ride, a fruit-picking session in a nearby orchard, a visit to a producer of regional specialties or even think about integrating game mechanics into your events, thanks to gamification.

  • … choosing service providers

During your event, you will certainly call on the services of various service providers When selecting them, it’s important to observe their own commitment to the ecological transition: local sourcing, travel, working conditions, waste management, among other issues.

As soon as you commission them to work for you, their social responsibility becomes that of your company for the duration of the event. It is therefore essential that their values and operating methods reflect your own commitments.

Communication tools

A corporate event is above all a visibility and internal communication operation, so it’s only natural to use a variety of communication media for the occasion. But here too, you can be relatively sober, by avoiding multiple prints on paper or the use of non-reusable plastic banners; or by choosing goodies made in France, in recycled and recyclable materials.

These are just some of the ways in which you can integrate the various themes of your CSR policy, with the guarantee that your corporate events will be rich in exchanges and diverse learning experiences.

Support, the cornerstone of a successful corporate event!

While the objectives are noble, setting up events centered around your CSR policy often requires support. As the first event tech company to be iso 20121 certified, having also carried out its carbon footprint on scopes 1 2 3, AppCraft thinks every day about ways to enable its customers to align with their CSR objectives, thanks to solutions already available such as :

  • integration of carpooling modules when participants register, or rooming modules with hotels
  • the ability for our customers to calculate the carbon footprint of their events, from page views to e-mails sent, including live and replay viewings, using various calculators integrated into the platform.
  • And soon: the possibility of calculating the carbon emissions of the modes of transport used, so that corrective action can be taken in advance of the event, if necessary.

We also understand your need to work with a company that can create events tailored to your needs, and advise you on which modules to integrate, depending on your objectives. That’s why our solution is modular, with over 150 modules to date, enabling you to :

Integrate your brand

From the design to the possible integration of your tools in our solution, you’ll be able to work on a white label basis, enabling participants to enjoy an immersive experience in your brand’s most authentic universe.

Measure your success

Directly from our back-office or by exporting the data as an excel file, you’ll have access to all the raw data you need to justify your event to your management, including on-the-spot feedback at the end of a workshop, live event, etc., or at the end of your event, in the form of a satisfaction questionnaire.

Facilitate the logistics and communication of your event

Depending on your needs, we can create a Web App and/or a mobile application to share important information about your CSR event, but also to manage all your e-mail communications (invitations, reminders, registrations, etc.), directly from the back office. Thanks to the rooming module, you can also manage hotel reservations and room types autonomously and easily, or track participants’ activities.

Engage your audience

To ensure that key messages are shared and understood, we offer a range of services, including interactivity modulesthe opportunity to interact with your audience through a session of Q&Aencourage responses through word clouds or to encourage networking and exchange, thanks to a social wall. These are just some of the ways in which you can get the word out and guarantee an optimal experience for your participants.

And to help you make your choice of venue and organize your CSR corporate event, don’t hesitate to consult a platform like Carmin : you’ll find information on hundreds of venues all over France (capacity, address, style, etc.).

Article written in collaboration with Carmin

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