Ecological transition and employer brand: key themes for your internal mobility strategy in 2023!

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  • Ecological transition and employer brand: key themes for your internal mobility strategy in 2023!

Ecological transition and employer brand: key themes for your internal mobility strategy in 2023!

If 2022 has been a year of upheaval for HR managers, with some key trends such as the Quiet Quitting or the development of hybrid work; in 2023, two strong orientations continue to gain in importance, and place internal mobility at the heart of the themes of the Upcoming HR events:

  • The growing importance given to corporate social responsibility among job-seekers and existing employees, and,
  • The talent shortage and the fundamental changes it entails for recruiters, in particular the need to develop their employer brand.

The sun is shining brightly on CSR, so it's a good time to start thinking about events to boost your internal mobility!

As a key CSR theme, the ecological transition will continue to influence the choice of future employment for a majority of candidates in 2023, and will play an essential role in retaining talent within organizations.

The proof is in the figures: 82% of employees whose company has an identified CSR policy say they still see themselves working within it in 3 years’ time, compared with an average of 68%*, and 70% of employees would like to be more involved in implementing said policy**. In addition to waste sorting workshops and training courses, there is a need for the company to support employees, so that they can understand the impact of their work on the environment and acquire new skills. A fantastic opportunity to strengthen your internal mobility – in other words, to retain your best talent and enable candidates to better define their career development options within your company – by organizing green HR events.

For an organization, knowing how to measure its
carbon impact
represents an excellent opportunity to demonstrate its commitment to ecology and energy efficiency. Yet to date, according to a BCG Measurement survey, only 10% of companies know how to accurately measure their CO2 emissions.

Great opportunities to breathe new life into your internal mobility policy, by making CSR tangible, engaging and measurable, through innovative HR events.

* 3rd MEDEF barometer on the perception of CSR in companies.

**3rd Ekodev CSR Barometer, Des enjeux et des hommes-Occurrence.

Smile... you're being filmed: the employer brand issue at the heart of HR events and internal mobility

Employer branding enables any company to develop and capitalize on its brand image, in order to attract and retain talent.

Congruent, it is based on the key elements of the company’s DNA, to ensure that it is aligned with its true values.

A global, structured approach, employer branding requires method and coordinated action to attract, engage and retain both existing talent and potential candidates.

Because every company is unique in terms of values, challenges and culture, employer branding is also unique. It’s part of the company’s global vision, and therefore meets business, communication and marketing challenges.

And because it is positioned at the crossroads of these different challenges (human resources, communications, marketing), it enables different parts of the company to work together.

In 2022, 82% of companies said they were having difficulty recruiting a manager, and almost 40% of permanent contracts were terminated within the first year of employment*.

While a number of key factors, such as remuneration levels and attention to work-life balance, can help to overcome these difficulties, 64% of organizations surveyed consider improving their employer brand to be a key issue*.

Why? Because developing an employer brand enables any company to capitalize on its brand image, and thus boost its internal mobility policy, by attracting and retaining talent from both inside and outside the company.

These objectives can be achieved through a strong employer brand, enabling you at the same time to make your various HR processes more event-driven, and stimulate internal mobility.


Going further: boost your employer brand by developing your teams' internal mobility with AppCraft's Talent Acquisition solution.

As discussed above, developing internal mobility is a formidable weapon for retaining top talent and attracting candidates who want to work for your company. On the one hand, you show your employees that they are appreciated and that they have career development opportunities within your organization; on the other, you enable motivated candidates to better understand their future position, and to commit to their career development. Thanks to our solution, it will be possible to give candidates a concrete picture of daily life within your company, or to allow your current employees curious to explore other professions, to ask questions to experts in the field concerned, during interactive presentations.

AppCraft‘s Talent Acquisition solution includes :

  • an intelligent matching algorithm, which matches expertise and specialties. Each candidate can contact the recruiters of his or her choice and request virtual or face-to-face appointments, thus encouraging the suggestion of targeted, tailor-made opportunities, as well as the creation of qualified meetings for the recruiter;
  • job dating and networking features to foster a collaborative experience, including the possibility for your participants to respond in real time;
  • a meeting planning tool via the agenda, which both recruiter and candidate can manage independently, to improve the flow of communication between stakeholders, save time and facilitate schedule administration.

Because CSR and employer branding both have a direct positive impact on a company’s internal mobility, helping to attract candidates, unite teams and retain talent, AppCraft, France’s first ISO 20121-certified Event Tech, has chosen to collaborate with the event agency
Événement d’Elles
to help you create innovative and unifying HR events.

The Evénement d’Elles agency was created in 2006 and is an expert in the organization of customized BtoB and BtoC internal events in a variety of formats. It offers 3 areas of expertise:

  • Event communication,
  • Design & Production, and
  • Production, Stage Management & Coordination.

Committed to and aware of the growing importance of societal issues and economic and digital transformations,Événement d’Elles designs, develops and creates events that sustainably attract audiences and are part of a collaborative and disruptive CSR approach.

Find out below how AppCraft and Événement d’Elles can help you attract candidates and retain employees, through HR events focused on internal mobility.

Recruiting differently... it's possible! AppCraft x Événement d'Elles, episode 1.

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