The hybrid event, to the rescue of your internal mobility policy!

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  • The hybrid event, to the rescue of your internal mobility policy!

“The solution is in our hands”; “Each one of you has a role to play”; “turn down the air conditioning when it’s hot” or “set a heating reference as soon as it starts to get cold, around 19 degrees in the room to maintain the ambient temperature”… As citizens, many of us still have in mind the government’s instructions, urging us to be more vigilant. last September. What if, on the scale of HR events, we could bring about continuous changes in consumption patterns in line with the challenges of climate change? is also seen as necessary, in a general context of successive external crises accelerating changes in the events sector and exerting increasing pressure on the industry, these measures can be unwelcome if they are not managed optimally!

Fortunately, with AppCraft and Événements d’Elles, there’s no need to worry about these new challenges: our expert Project Managers will help you set up your recruitment projectsthrough energy-efficient hybrid events, to digital events and physical well-being that respect both your needs and those of the planet.

The hybrid event: the ideal partner for responsible recruitment

Because the pandemic has undeniably accelerated transformations in the HR events sector, particularly withdigital events, it is essential for event platforms to work with advertisers and agencies to organize more balanced event communication moments, which use digital tools in a reasoned way.

Faced with the ephemeral nature of events, it is important to
imagine the HR events of tomorrow
by measuring our impact, in order to reduce it.

In this sense, a global vision makes it possible to design fairer HR events, developed with partners committed to energy-saving strategies.

And it is precisely with these objectives in mind that
the hybrid event
comes into play, as it enables the recruiter’s audience to be enlarged, while leaving candidates the choice of selecting the mode of participation that suits them best, or even restricting candidate travel with multi-site events.

Hybrid events help reduce travel costs and maximize videoconferencing between recruiters and candidates, so as to reduce energy consumption while making the most of each channel: a key factor in winning the battle for attention.

Taking digital events into account not only increases the impact of HR events thanks to new means of distribution and media coverage, but also :

  • foster a more flexible and accessible experience for stakeholders, allowing them not only to decide on the mode of participation that suits them best, but also to avoid costly CO2 travel or exacerbated fatigue for candidates, at a stage in the recruitment process when they are not certain of being selected.
  • encourage interaction and dialogue between participants through online communication and collaboration modules, or
  • plan new, relevant corporate event formats, in a context of labor relations marked by Covid.

At AppCraft, our software solutions and holistic view of the events market enable us to assist our customers with tangible implementations for their HR events.

Measure your carbon footprint with the AppCraft platform and breathe new life into your internal mobility policy!

AppCraft is the first French event tech company to be certified ISO 20121 2 years ago and to have carried out its carbon assessment on scopes 1 2 3.*.

Every day, we think about ways to help our customers meet their CSR objectives, with solutions already available such as :

  • and coming soon: the possibility for our customers to calculate the carbon footprint of their events, from the modes of transport used, to the e-mails sent, via live or replay viewing, using various calculators integrated into the platform.

These are all opportunities to build a strong internal mobility policy, thanks to events that will give concrete expression to your CSR objectives, and thus speak to, convince and retain both candidates and current employees.

We don’t believe in a miracle solution, but rather in a succession of small “hummingbird effect” gestures, which, when put together, will have an influence on the various dimensions of CSR and enable thoughtful, responsible event communication, serving the good health of your internal mobility.

We guarantee that recruiters save time, while providing candidates with a memorable experience: our main commitments are to open up the world and have a positive impact on the planet!

* Since January 1, 2023, regulatory Bilans Carbone® have extended the scope of greenhouse gas emissions to include Scope 3. This includes all other emissions indirectly generated by the company’s activities that are not included in Scope 2, but are linked to the entire value chain, such as :

  • employees’ journeys,
  • the management of waste generated by the organization’s activities,
  • purchase of services, raw materials or other products,
  • transport of goods at the beginning and end,
  • the use and end-of-life of services and products sold…

Because the energy-saving measures implemented by the company have a direct positive impact, helping to attract candidates, retain talent and unite teams, AppCraft has chosen to collaborate with the event agency ÉElles eventto help you set up engaging and responsible HR events.

Created in 2006, the agency
Evénement d’Elles
specializes in the development of BtoC and BtoB in-house events, adapted to each need and in a variety of formats. It offers 3 areas of expertise:

  • Event communication,
  • Design & Production, and
  • Production, Stage Management & Coordination.

Concerned by the growing importance of societal issues and digital and economic upheavals,Événement d’Elles designs, deploys and organizes events that engage target audiences over the long term, and that are part of a disruptive and participative CSR strategy.

Curious about how AppCraft andÉvénement d’Elles can help you achieve your CSR objectives through customized, responsible HR events? Take a look at our video below:

Responsible recruitment... it's possible! AppCraft x Événement d'Elles, episode 2.

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