Event CRM for simplified logistics and a flawless physical event!

Spend more time with your participants on the big day! Thanks to the modules offered by AppCraft Events in its event CRM, you can streamline your event and focus on what really matters.

Maximize participant engagement.

From reality to event excellence

Our all-in-one solution makes managing your physical events effortless

From centralized calendars to interactive floor plans, our all-in-one solution simplifies the management of your physical events for flawless execution, giving you easy access to all the information you need.

Deliver a seamless experience by optimizing communication

Notify participants in real time, centralize all information in one place, and boost their engagement and satisfaction by providing them with relevant, targeted information.

Plan ahead with ease and make the most of the big day

Our intuitive platform lets you plan every detail in advance, from creating the program to managing registrations, coordinating speakers and setting up the various areas.

Master the art of physical events with our event CRM

A personalised mobile application

A fluid, customised experience with a mobile app containing all the information you need: a personalised homepage; an information page; a programme; workshop registrations; lists of speakers; participants and partners, the diary… and much, much more!!

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Simplified networking

With LinkedIn information retrieval, tag-based matchmaking and the ability to book appointments via the app, it’s never been easier for your participants to get in touch.

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Check-in made easy

Simplify and speed up the check-in process with a simple badge scan and customisable QR code, and deliver a seamless experience from the moment your attendees arrive at the physical event. You can also track your transfers and shuttles or your participation in workshops.

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Enhanced commitment

Our expertise in interactivity and gamification means you can boost participant engagement using features such as the social wall, word clouds or access to virtual rewards for participants who achieve specific objectives.

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Case studies for face-to-face events

Personalized customer service for your next operation

An event manager is with you every step of the way!

In preparation, we integrate your content such as graphic elements, tests and validations, and take care of the page layout;

During the event, our production manager provides on-site or remote monitoring and launches the interactive features;

After the event, we collect feedback and provide you with data and key indicators for immediate visibility of your return on investment (statistics, list of questions asked, responses to satisfaction questionnaires, etc.).

We look forward to working together 😉

Use our carbon simulator for fairer, more eco-responsible physical events

APPCRAFT: France’s 1st Event Tech company to achieve ISO 20121 certification

  • Use our new eco-responsible modules and features, such as our
    • carbon simulator
    • Carbon Impact calculator for the modes of transport used ;
    • carpooling module;
    • paperless mobile application.
  • Integrate hybrid and digital technologies to expand your audience and reduce your carbon footprint, while giving participants the freedom to travel or not.

And in general: we’re here to help you align your CSR objectives with the organization of high-impact corporate events!

Even for a physical event cyber security and strict compliance with RGPD are important

Our infrastructure is secure, and our single sign-on (SSO) system is audited regularly.

APPCRAFT: France’s 1st Event Tech company to achieve ISO 27001 certification

To work with confidence, AppCraft is open to penetration testing by your IT teams.

You’ll benefit from a secure connection to your directories with SSO single sign-on or individual login and password technology.

We provide you with developers and servers located in France, guaranteeing that your data is protected by French and European laws.

In the headlines

Digital tools for your physical events?

Quelles sont les démarches à suivre pour organiser un événement physique ?

Outre les obligations légales et administratives, les aspects marketing ou inhérents au type d’événement mis en place et les contraintes organisationnelles obéissant à un calendrier spécifique (nombre d’invités ou de participants, date, lieu, format de l’événement, besoins techniques, audience ciblée, etc.), auxquels une solution événementielle répond de manière adéquate.

Quels sont les différents types d'événements en présentiel ?

On distingue généralement deux grandes familles d’événements : les événements à destination des entreprises (inter ou intra entreprise) et les événements destinés au grand public. Dans la première catégorie, celle à laquelle la solution AppCraft Events répond, on compte :

  • les journées d’études internes, aux contenus visant à former, informer et/ou motiver les salariés ;
  • les séminaires, dont le but est de fédérer les équipes ou les différents pôles d’une entreprise ;
  • les conférences et les congrès, où les intervenants débattent autour d’une thématique choisie ;
  • les lancements de produits, où les clients privilégiés sont invités à découvrir ce pour quoi l’entreprise œuvre depuis plusieurs mois.
Quels avantages permet un évènement en présentiel ?

Les outils numériques ont amélioré la communication lors de la dernière crise sanitaire, mais les rencontres physiques restent importantes. Si les événements virtuels rassemblent les gens, malgré l’innovation permanente en la matière, il manquera toujours les perceptions sensibles captées lors des interactions physiques, ces perceptions à même d’optimiser l’expérience personnelle des protagonistes. La meilleure solution consiste à organiser un événement hybride en direct, accessible par l’intermédiaire d’une application mobile et en personne. L’événement phygital (compression de physique et digital) séduit logiquement de plus en plus d’organisateurs.